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Chronic Wasting Disease in Yellowstone And Spreading

Back in 2017, after conducting research into the collapse of cervid populations leading to excessive wildfire fuels (grass & brush), primarily in the western states, and attempting to evaluate causation, I noticed a spike in Chronic Wasting Disease research. I wondered why. What was going-on?

Based upon some of the disturbing trends I discovered, I started reaching-out to scientists in that area of research with my concerns that Chronic Wasting Disease (aka: ‘CWD’, ‘Zombie’ disease, a prion based disease) might be spreading to the West.  One scientist, Dr. Mark Zabel at the Prion Research Center, agreed that my concerns were not unwarranted.

And even as the disease was spreading, the government (Bureau of Land Management & U.S. Forest Service) was ignorantly rounding-up the one animal that is believed by scientists to be able to slow the deadly spread of CWD… the wild horse.

And now, six (6) years later, after my initial investigation, it’s in Yellowstone according to this DAILY MAIL article of November 16, 2023: 


People better pay close attention since this fatal disease can be transmitted into humans if the meat of any infected animal is consumed… deer meat, cow meat, etc.

The Center for Disease Control (‘CDC’) has the latest map of the ‘known’ areas acutely infected with CWD:  https://www.cdc.gov/prions/cwd/occurrence.html

Shockingly, the sampling rate of deer and elk harvested by hunters is so very low that the disease can potentially be in an area for months or even years before a sample arrives and is tested in a lab and results reported.

I have heard from insiders, that in California, the actual sampling rate is only about 1% of the deer taken by hunters!

And it gets worse… the disease can spread into humans, as well as into ruminant animals like deer, cattle, sheep and goats, according to Dr. Mark Zabel, at the Prion Research Center.


Horses don’t contract or spread CWD. 

In fact, Dr. Zabel feels that horses may slow the spread of the disease, as he is quoted in the article below.

But as we see, the people at the BLM and USFS are rounding-up and decimating herds of wild horses that reduce wildfire fuels and help control the spread of CWD, to make room for even more cheap livestock grazing. A display of unbridled greed and ignorance.

Of course, if just ONE cow or sheep is found to be infected, the entire U.S. Cattle or sheep industry would be shut down immediately and all the animals destroyed… shades of the Mad Cow disaster. 

As we see, the livestock industry’s greed for more cheap public grazing lands comes at the expense of decimating essential natural herds of wild horses, and is just insane. Between the increased wildfires and CWD (and potentially BSE) that is the result of decimating wild horses, the greed for cheap public lands grazing for cattle and sheep could be the undoing of that industry, and potentially much worse.

Cervids (deer, elk, etc) herds are seriously infected in many areas. And cattle, sheep and Goats can, according to Dr. Zabel, potentially be infected and spread the disease. 

In cattle, it’s called BSE or ‘Mad Cow’. In humans it’s called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (‘CJD’), and there are new published science studies suggesting that given similarities in brain scans and outward symptoms in humans, CJD is sometimes being misdiagnosed as Alzheimers disease in humans. 

Given the number of Alzheimers cases annually, that means there can potentially be thousands of cases of CJD in humans, which is fatal 100% of the time, no treatment.

Here is my most recent article: https://rtfitchauthor.com/2021/10/06/wild-horses-can-help-solve-two-critical-problems-chronic-wasting-disease-cwd-and-wildfire/ 

HERE is the Letter send to me from the Prion Research Center:


The link to the EnviroNews article is below the image:

Inline image

READ MORE HERE –>> https://www.environews.tv/022718-wild-horses-may-hold-solution-slowing-spread-fatal-chronic-wasting-disease-deer-elk/

More than just mad cow disease

Nature Structural Biology volume 8, page 281 (2001)Cite this article

  • 2644 Accesses

“It is now clear that bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as ‘mad cow disease’, is not merely a UK phenomenon, nor is it merely an economic nuisance. In fact, it may be an impending world-wide health crisis. In recent months, several other European countries have found BSE in their cattle herds. And, over the past few years, ∼100 mostly young individuals, who apparently ate BSE-infected beef products, have fallen victim to a fatal condition known as new variant Creuzefeldt-Jacob disease (vCJD). Since the incubation time of the infection — the time from ingestion to the onset of symptoms — is unknown, we have no idea how many people who currently do not show symptoms are actually harboring the brain-destroying infectious prions.”

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