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LIGHTS ON Afterschool Event in Siskiyou

Since its launch in 2000, Lights On Afterschool has been the only nationwide rally celebrating afterschool programs. Every year, more than 8,000 afterschool programs across the country draw 1 million people to join celebrations of the impact these programs have on children, families, and communities.

We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for being a Lights On Afterschool partner!

24th Annual Expanded Learning Lights On Event
Evergreen Elementary
Grenada Elementary
Delphic Elementary

Serving 1200 students in 20 sites, half the sites designated a Frontier School
*Frontier School is 11 students per square mile, less than 600 in a district.

Evergreen Elementary Principal Amy Dunlap with Lupe Valdez, Kelly Smith, Krysta Hughes, and Kelly Nakano

Mission Statement: Siskiyou After School for Everyone (SAFE) Program offers academic support, quality expanded learning opportunities, and fitness promotion to Siskiyou County students in a positive and safe environment.

Vision Statement: Our goal is to facilitate a mindset to thrive, by fostering an enthusiastic, creative community of learners, and positively impacting the lives of Siskiyou County youth.

Glow Dance: Evergreen Elem. has 250 k-3rd students enrolled.

2nd Grader Eligah favorite part is being outside.

Bradley W. said he likes running around and Shofia L. like the snacks!

After School bond is stronger because of personal attention with students.

Paul McCoy, Yreka City Council
Delphic with a working Bell Tower

Arriving at Delphic Elementary to meet with site coordinator Jake Njaa. Jake has been with Delphic since 2020 and likes the change of pace from mill work.

Two Room School House With 64 Student’s
kids Just Want To Hang Out

Charlotte M. & Kelly

Next Stop is Grenada Wildcats with #190 truly wildcats…

Help Out – Grow – Learn – Making Better Little People

Ema C. 6yrs old

S.A.F.E after school program was a real benefit to us when we were raising our family. The Structure and extra help with school work was a key in them becoming successful. Thank you to Director Kelly Smith, Program Specialist Lupe Valdez & Krysta Hughes, and Kelly Nakano, Secretary. Expanded Learning Siskiyou Afterschool For Everyone (SAFE) Program encourages parents, teachers, students, and the communities they live in, to share resources that benefit both the students and the community.  Sites are operated from the end of each regular school day until 6 p.m. and offer a nutritious snack, homework assistance, academic enrichment and physical activities in a healthy, safe environment.

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