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Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce Updates Community

The Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce held a Mixer at the Dunsmuir Brewery Works again in May to update the community on what is going on in and around the Dunsmuir Community. 

The talks started with the College of the Siskiyous new Learning Alignment Employment Program (LAEP) with the cooperative work experience from Erin Kangas. Career Day at COS is on October 17th,  For more information,  visit the website or email [email protected].

Next was Fish and Wildlife Public Information officers Anna Burkholder and Eric Laughlin from the Office of Spill Prevention and Response. Together, they talked about the trainyard cleanup summer program. In 2018 a citizen reported of the oil and petroleum products that have seeped into the ground and the (then)  Southern Pacific Railroad Yard. A formal unified command agency including the EPA and the Regulation Water Quality Control Board are working together to clean up damages from the early 1900s when the railroad yard was a fueling station. Union Pacific bought the railroad yard from SP in 1996 and is paying for the cleanup.   Abatement issues and excavation down to the bedrock will expand along the river removing contaminated material and restoring habitats. A city building needs to be removed and temporary office buildings will be set up on Sacramento Avenue for UP employees.

“As the waterway is monitored, there is no impact on fish or wildlife.”

Laughlin says,

City Manager Dustin Rief meets with Union Pacific weekly and is monitoring the work. Rief says that the project will be finished by this fall.

Another project that CM Rief mentioned at last month’s Mixer is the Broadband Project.

Jim Cline with Vyve talked about how his company is investing in the local community, installing wifi throughout downtown Dunsmuir with an improved fiber network from the Burger Barn, to the post office and grocery store along Dunsmuir and Sacramento Avenues. This project is expected to be completed by late summer. 

There were over 30 local Dunsmuir business representatives that attended this Mixer on Tuesday evening. For more information contact the City of Dunsmuir by calling (530) 235-4822 or the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce at (530) 235-2177

 Vice Mayor Micheal Clarno stands with Anna Burkholder and Eric Laughlin with the CDFW and City Manager Dustin Rief who, together talked about the Union Pacific Railroad Yard Cleanup Project that is taking place this summer at the Chamber Mixer to update the community on projects around Dunsmuir.
 During the Dunmsuir Chamber Mixer introductions, Sandra Hood passes the microphone to Mack Sutcliffe who is a director of the Revive Church.

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  1. David Hicks

    Vice Mayor is Mr. Clarno, not Clero.

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