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Egg Drop at Dunsmuir Elementary School

Teaching the students at Dunsmuir Elementary about physics and engineering while enjoying a fun Easter event, all the children each designed a protected device to hopefully keep an egg from breaking when dropped 65 feet. In addition, all the children participated in creating unusual and unique devices that were tested out on April 7th. 

Jack Crawford from A Cut Above Tree Service in Mt Shasta donated his time and one of their lift trucks to drop the protected eggs from a height of 65 feet. 

Surprisingly, many of the youngsters, a total of 90 from kindergarten and up to 8th grade, had been successful.

From packages strung to a plastic bag making a parachute to slow the fall down, to packed packages out of straw, styrofoam, popcorn, pompoms, clothing, balloons, cotton balls, and most any other thing imaginable, each student hoped that theirs would survive the drop to win a big prize. All contestants walked away with something for participating. 

The rain didn’t slow the enthusiasm as each class watched and cheered as their experiments fell the distance. While some packages bounced, some exploded, and others safely landed to the cheering of the students. 

Some of the staff were the judges of the most creative device made in each class.
Awarded in this category were Kindergartener Odin Weist
2nd and 3rd-grade class; Bolo Hensouvanh
4th-5th-grade class; Savannah Glenda
6 to 8th-grade class: Caedyn Morrison
Comments made by the judges included eye-catching, colorful, original materials, uniqueness, and decorative color and design. 

While two different student packed their egg in a jar of peanut butter, one survived the fall while the other did not. Most of the students used supplies in the Marker Space Room in the school. Some students built their egg-protected devices from home. 6th through 8th-grade teacher, Rami White said that the students were shown a video of examples that have worked and were told about the physics behind it. 

Jack Crawford has been with A Cut Above Tree Service for 8 years. He said that he has done this before at other schools. “It is a lot of fun for everyone. The kids are super excited.” 

Jack Crawford from A Cut Above Tree Service Drops egg-protected devices made by Dunsmuir Elementary School Students from 65 feet. The kids built devices to protect the eggs from the fall as an Easter project.

under protection from the rain, class K-1 watch their eggs being dropped 
2nd & 3rd grades cheer their eggs on  

2nd grader Caleb Montgomery shows how his egg is still intact after being dropped 65 feet. He won an Easter Basket. 

Bolo Hensouvanh proudly shows off his creation that kept his egg from breaking. He also won the creativity award for his design. 

5th Grader Pasquale Zaccalini shows off his egg-protecting creation that survived the fall. 

6th Grader Mevaeh McCloud gets help from her grandfather Ron McCloud to open her package to find that her egg did survive the 65-foot drop. 
6,7 and 8th graders look up to watch their egg-protecting experiments being dropped in the rain. 

Dunsmuir Elementary School Principal Susan Keeler and Assistant Principal Mandy Leahy stand behind the giant egg prizes to be awarded for the most creative devices made by the students to protect their eggs when being dropped 65 feet. 

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