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McCloud’s Easter Egg Party

Due to the snowy weather on Saturday, March 23rd, which is usually the McCloud’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt, turned into an Easter egg party in the McCloud’s Hoo Hoo Park’s Scout Hall. 

At noon, around 40 plus children along with their families, celebrated the Easter season by collecting eggs filled with candy and notices of prizes they won.  The Easter Bunny was on hand to give hugs and pass out more candy just in case some children didn’t get enough.  

McCloud Community Recreation Council’s President Patty Faulkner-Ballard says that the McCloud Annual Easter Egg Hunt started many many years ago by Jean Morzenti who was part of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority that was sponsored by the Preceptor Kappa Pho. Through the years, Morzenti’s daughter, Sheri Burris and now, Stephanie Burris and her whole family have taken this annual event on. For about the last 50 years, it has been sponsored through the McCloud Community Recreation Council.

Tables filled with prizes of toys, Easter baskets, and games didn’t clear very fast as they were expecting many more children to attend. Usually, families from as far as Redding come up for this popular event but the weather this year was a deterrent.

Every child walked away a winner with lots of candy and baskets filled with games, stuffed animals, chaulk, toys, coloring books, crayons, and more. The big wins included two bicycles, two tricycles, and two caster boards. 

Samatha Smith proudly stands with her new bike that she won as one of the grand prizes at the Easter Egg Party along with her sister Claire who won an Easter basket. 
The Turner family along with the Easter bunny stands behind Luke Turner, age 6, sits on his newly won bike at the Easter Egg Party in the Scout Hall at McCloud’s Hoo Hoo Park.
Children with their baskets ready to collect eggs at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in McCloud that was moved indoors due to the snowy weather on Saturday. 

Maverick Rigau takes a second look at the Easter Bunny as his older brother Landinn holds his baby brother Kayson to pose for a picture. 
9-year-old Jason Holland-Bennett happily poses with the Easter Bunny during the McCloud Annual Easter Egg Hunt that was moved indoors due to the weather. 
The Trout/Ballard family shows off their winnings with the Easter Bunny for a family photo during the McCloud Annual Easter Egg Party.

McCloud Community Recreation Council President Patty Faulkner-Ballard and Stephanie Burris have been hosting the Annual McCloud Easter Egg Hunt since the late 1980’s. 


  1. Shawn Williams

    Love reading local information especially written by Shareen Strauss. She always does a terrific job keeping us informed of past and future events. Thanks to Shareen, and all Volunteers that keep McCloud the happening place to be.

  2. Lulu James

    Thank god it wasn’t planned by the creepy guy who does the creepy treasure hunts! He needs to be banned from doing events for children!

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