Weed PD’s Fight Against Illegal Drug Trade: 250lbs Seized

cover photo: officer located approximately 150 pounds of processed marijuana and $4,000 in currencyPhoto byWeed police Department

**Weed, CA** – The Weed Police Department has been at the forefront of combating illegal drug activities within the city limits, demonstrating significant enforcement actions in recent weeks. The department’s relentless efforts to curb the illegal marijuana trade have led to substantial seizures and arrests, showcasing their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

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Over the past two weeks, approximately 250 pounds of processed marijuana have been seized by the Weed Police Department during traffic stopsPhoto byWeed Police Department

In a notable incident on March 16, 2024, a routine traffic stop by a Weed Police Department officer led to the discovery of approximately 150 pounds of processed marijuana and $4,000 in cash. The driver was promptly arrested and faces charges under sections 11360(a) H&S and 11359(b) H&S for violations related to the transportation and possession of marijuana for sale. This arrest is part of a larger trend observed over the past two weeks, during which approximately 250 pounds of processed marijuana were seized during traffic stops. These seizures underscore the department’s hypothesis that the seized marijuana was destined for transportation out of Siskiyou County, and potentially out of state.

Further emphasizing the department’s proactive approach, a collaborative operation with the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office MET team resulted in the execution of a search warrant on a building suspected of housing an illegal marijuana cultivation operation. This operation led to the seizure of approximately 110 marijuana plants, alongside identifying multiple health & safety and building code violations.

Beyond enforcement, the Weed Police Department remains dedicated to engaging with and serving the community. Recent efforts include responding to 27 traffic collision incidents in January 2024 alone and actively working to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Officer Ryan Kerttula was sworn in and began his Field Training Program. Photo byWeed PD

The department is also proud to announce the addition of Officer Ryan Kerttula to its ranks. Officer Kerttula, a recent graduate of the College of the Siskiyous Law Enforcement Academy and former CAL-FIRE employee, brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to his new role. His commitment to serving the community he grew up in is commendable and reflects the department’s values.

The Weed Police Department continues to urge residents to report any suspicious activities and to collaborate with law enforcement in creating a safer community. Additionally, the department seeks assistance in locating the owners of two found dogs, a black and white Pitbull mix and a tan male Chihuahua mix, emphasizing their commitment to all aspects of community care.

Female Bull Dog picked up on Oregon St.Photo byWeed PD

The Weed Police Department’s recent activities highlight their ongoing dedication to law enforcement and community service. Through significant drug seizures, collaborative operations, and community engagement efforts, the department reaffirms its commitment to the safety and well-being of Weed, CA. 

For more information or to report suspicious activities, please contact the Weed Police Department at 530-938-5000.

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