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#Whitworthincident Fire Caused by Escaped Debris Burn Pile on Whitworth Way

Cal Fire Siskiyou unit mopping up hot spots after getting the fire contained.

Escaped debris burn pile resulted in evacuations and multi agency response to contain and stop the spread of the fire to 5.5 acres. Thanks to the fast response of multiply agencies and Fire departments rushing to the Kellems Lane area in Scott Valley, California. Cal-fire, Klamath National Forest, Scott Valley Fire Protection District, and Fort Jones Fire Department attacking the fire while LEO’s from “CDF&W, CHP, Siskiyou Sheriffs, Etna Pd, worked on evacuating the area. While Cal Fire performed the fire investigation. Many hands aided in the swift evacuation of the Kellems Lane area. This being the more populated area of the valley. Having only one way in and out takes everyone to work smoothly together with limited access to escape routes.

The Deadwood Crews are so valuable, they are a very big part of the
firefighting tool box.

Speaking with Suzy Brady, CalFire SKU public information officer, told me about how the Correctional camps restructured this winter to keep and maintain our firefighting partners.

Two air tankers were also on hand to stop the spread of the escaped debris burn pile without needed to drop a retardant load. The hand and engine crews with the air support and Cal fire dozers cutting line stoped the spreading fire. Two additional helicopter’s where on standby and ready to jump in if the situation arose.

It was a breezy day, getting lucky by having winds push the fire into the valley instead of our dense pine forested slopes. It could have been a whole different story if the winds would not have been favorable today.

CalFire wants to remind you that burning is still ok, but it is not OK to leave your piles unattended or not follow proper burning regulations that are designed to prevent escaped burn piles that put others’ lives and property in harms way.

Always Pay attention to weather conditions as the change rapidly…

Scott Valley Thanks everyone for your fast response and attention to detail.

Chief 1300, Fort Jones Fire

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  1. The Native American


    Every April/May, there’s need either reminders sent or awareness meetings by Calfire and authorities. Clearly there isn’t enough being done to protect our county and environment!

    It’s either spend a small budget to be proactive or wait for fires to do the talking and damage at the expense of our team efforts and resources.

    If you don’t have it on your smartphone already, look up the Watch Duty app, download it, select the counties for your notifications and keep an eye for those updates! It can make a difference between knowing what’s happening nearby and taking the time and procedures to protect yourself or being caught in the middle!

    Do your part and protect our environment by recycling and calling the proper channels if you insist on burning your rubbish to at least mitigate it or get the ok if weather conditions permit! Obviously, I don’t condone any kind of burning, but do your part and protect yourself and others, safety first!

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