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Top Story: Dam Removal Disaster Leads to State of Emergency

  • Siskiyou County has officially declared a local “State of Emergency” due to the ongoing crisis surrounding the Klamath River dam removal project.
  • The situation is now on the desk of California Governor Gavin Newsom.
  • Images are circulating which show the extent of the damage and its impact.

Other News Headlines

  • High School Rodeo Wrap-Up: District 1 wraps up its sixth competition of the season.
  • Illegal Marijuana Bust: A routine traffic stop uncovers a vast illegal marijuana operation (almost 6,000 plants).
  • Obituaries: The community mourns the loss of Evelyn Mae Vanover, Jerlene “Jerri” Goetz Müns, and James “Mike” Mitchell Fallon.
  • McCloud’s Easter Event: Rescheduled to an indoor Easter egg party due to inclement weather.

Op-Eds & Analysis

  • State of Emergency Analysis: Analysis of the county supervisors’ meeting and the decision to declare an emergency.
  • Eco-Terrorism Critique: A piece arguing that environmentalists are behind attacks on rural America, using the dam situation as an example.
  • State Farm Insurance Update: State Farm announces changes to coverage in California, potentially impacting Siskiyou County residents.
  • Action Alert: A call for citizens to take action and address the concerns over the dam removal project.


  • Writer’s Block Tips: A ‘Wellness Wednesday’ piece offering advice to combat writer’s block.
  • Throwback Thursday (TBT): Historical look back at the 1962 opening of the Iron Gate Dam.

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