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Keep Scott Valley Rural’s Water Warning…Will Our Wells Go Dry?

By Keep Scott Valley Rural

It is our understanding that if the County Board of Supervisors approves the KCOC expansion the camp will potentially be able drill up to 40 more wells in the hills above our neighborhoods. According to their own calculations, they will use over 37,000 gallons of water per day when operating at capacity.  Their plan also calls for numerous septic systems to serve a population larger that either Fort Jones or Etna.  Theses issues are of great concern.

Additionally, KCOC plans to fill their new 7-acre pond from the Barker Ditch, a diversion of water from Kidder Creek which is owned by several Scott Valley ranchers. KCOC also has rights to Barker Ditch water, but is limited to irrigation of no more than 37 acres. KCOC plans to expand their operation from 330 acres to 580 acres. The camp will keep the existing 3-acre pond, 24+ acres of pasture, the apple orchard, and numerous lawn areas, while adding the 7-acre pond, more large greenways, a full equestrian center, RV sites, campsites and more. They plan on using Barker Ditch water for all these outside uses.  The ditch water, which diminishes as summer flows drop, may also be subject to future curtailments.  

It is clear that KCOC has significantly underestimated their own future groundwater requirements and has not proven that there will no negative impact to groundwater in the surrounding area. Should this application be approved, it will further place the Scott Valley basin at risk for not meeting the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) lawful requirements, and will directly impact our agricultural community.

Think about it!  With 844 people a day in the hills above us consuming water and flushing toilets will the neighbors’ wells be contaminated or go dry?  

The County Board of Supervisors is poised to make their decision on this expansion of the Mt. Hermon/Kidder Creek Orchard Camp next Tuesday, March 21, at 9:00 a.m. at 311 Fourth St. Yreka.  Concerns or comments can be sent to our Board of Supervisors at [email protected]

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