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Siskiyou News introducing the Main Street Homestead Gardening Tips and Tricks

Growing onions or leeks from seed is not at all difficult; it just takes a bit more time. Seeds should be started in January or February in order for the seedlings to be ready to go out into the garden in May or June. Starting your own seed allows you a lot more variety options to choose from than when purchasing plants or sets. The cost is also more economical compared to purchasing plants or sets. There is still time to get your own onion seeds started for this year within the next couple weeks. 


I have been gardening my whole life, and producing informational videos for friends and family on Facebook for a couple years. I start most of my garden plants from seed each year and always have extra tomato and pepper plants for sale in the spring. 

I plan on growing an even bigger garden this year to help offset the rising costs at the grocery store. Any little bit that you grow yourself is beneficial not only from a cost perspective, but also for your health and nutrition. More people are gardening now versus several years ago as a result of lockdowns and economic factors. Gardening is my passion and my goal is to empower people to produce their own food.  

The traditional definition of homesteading referred to a piece of land occupied by a family. Modern homesteading simply means that you are taking steps to be more self-sufficient. Homesteading looks different to different people. It may be that you have a full farm raising livestock on one end of the spectrum to as little as a few pots of herbs or veggies on your patio on the other. There is no wrong way to homestead.  My advice is to start homesteading with what interests you and what you like to eat. 

I will be exploring food storage options including fermentation and canning; in addition to more gardening knowledge tips and tricks. You can now find me on YouTube @mainstreethomestead; Instagram @mainstreet.homestead; Facebook @Main Street Homestead; Email: [email protected].

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