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Luke AFB F-35s to fly at Kingsley Field for two weeks

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KINGSLEY FIELD, Ore.– A squadron of F-35A Lightning II’s from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. will be flying with the 173rd Fighter Wing, arriving Thursday, Oct. 13 for a two-week stay.

“Luke Air Force Base will be here to make use of our outstanding airspace with their F-35s,” said Col. Lee Bouma, 173rd FW commander. “Our local airspace is a national treasure in terms of size, location, and availability for use compared to many other Military Operating Areas that are much smaller and overcrowded.”

Bouma also notes that integrating the F-35s and F-15s together for training flights gives the pilots the opportunity to practice in a more complex environment, enhancing their skill set.

“This will allow them to fully train to the capabilities of the F-35 and at the same time, cement the relationship between our two units that will be mutually beneficial to the defense of the United States,” said Bouma.

Because of the additional aircraft and flights, the community may experience an increase in aircraft noise during this time.

Luke AFB is home to the 56th Fighter Wing, an F-35A training wing in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 173rd FW has an established relationship with the 56th FW. Since 2014, the active association at Kingsley Field, the 550th Fighter Squadron, is a detachment of the 56th Fighter Wing.

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