Siskiyou, South County, Yreka

Little Humbug Creek After The Monster Storm

By now most of Siskiyou is aware of the 20 mile stretch of Klamath River were the fish were suffocated by mud!

If not please read:

I meet up with,

Terry Smith ~right side

Glenn Njaa ~ left side

Terry and Glenn work for Siskiyou County Road Department. They were doing damage assessment on the culverts and drainages.

Below: Log jam where Little Humbug Creek crosses Klamath River Road

Below: you can see the trails carved from water run off!

Above: Looking across Little humbug Creek Drainage.

The heavy downpour of 3 inches in 1 hour washed the soil from the hillside #erosion

At the bottom of the drainage this boulder was sitting in the middle of the road. The power of water is amazing.

A tree wrapped around another tree!

Above and Below Pictures: I did not hike down to look how high the water mark is because of the Sheriff's media issues. I stayed on the roads to avoid any problems. But the water mark is the tan line, meeting the darker burned line.. WOW!

This is where Little Humbug Creek meets the Klamath River..

It really was a sad and humbling day. On a side note I did see Turkeys foraging for roasted pine nuts and possibly Acorns. I saw Grey Squirrels being Grey Squirrels, just as if it was another day. Even a few deer that were lost and sad as I was. All heals with time!

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