Siskiyou, South County, Yreka

Siskiyou County Gets Pounded with Thunderstorms, Flooding

This evening, Tuesday, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office issued an urgent warning regarding flash flooding along Whitney Creek, as boulders began to roll down the creek.

"The berm holding Whitney Creek is at severe risk of being comprised and has the potential to flood the Mount Shasta Vista area. If you are in the southwest portion of Mount Shasta Vista or Juniper Valley PLEASE BE READY TO EVACUATE," the Sheriff stated.

The sheriff's post was also translated in Hmong.

According to reports on Siskiyou Alerts – Fire and Emergency on Facebook, "four vehicles swept into Humbug creek by flooding near OHV park. All occupants are out except one. They have eyes on him and he is ok at this time. They are working on access to get to him. This is in the area of Yreka Walker Road. Possible that bridge gave out while vehicles were on it."

For a period of time, U.S. 97 was closed due to flooding. Caltrans District 2 now reports that "97 is now open following a closure due to debris/flooding in the roadway."

Dry creek beds in Grenada were flowing heavily, as caught by Nate Robbins on Siskiyou County Scanner on Facebook.

The Sheriff posted a video of the rain from their law enforcement command post in Yreka during the #McKinneyFire.

It is unknown at this time how much impact the local rain and thunderstorms had on the ongoing fires.

You are welcome to share your rain and flooding pictures and videos in the comments below. Please tell us where the images are coming from.

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